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Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Hammers (N.K.H.) established in 1960 by S. Kartar Singh (1926-1993) with the vision of introducing the forging hammers in India also known as God Father of Forging Industry. The Company is now headed under by his son S. Kulwant Singh and his Grandsons Mr. Jasmer Singh and Mr. Zailinder Singh, (Third Generation).
NKH Hammers is the first Indian Company, to Introduce Forging Machines in India and our share is more than 90 % of successful installations in the forging Industry which are running across India as well as Abroad.

Even in 21st Century and all other colourful accomplishments that our modern world of the media presents us with every day, machine engineering and plant construction which is dependent on forged components by Forging Machines is and will remain one of the most important pillars of our present-day prosperity.Without high-strength, forged metal components, the economic and technical development that we have experienced over the last seventy years would not have been possible. Electricity and mobility in the form of motorized vehicles of all kinds are just two of the multifarious fields of application for modern Forged Components. 

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Friction Drop Hammers, Billet Shearing Machine upto 6",Power Presses "C" Frame, Power Presses "H" Frame, Friction Screw Press VFP (Up Stroke) etc.

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