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About company:- Rattan Machine Tools (Regd.) is a leading manufactures and exporters of power presses is serving the machine tool industry since 1965. This Company has came into existence by the stringent efforts of S. Nirmal Singh Chanay who is a techno-crate and has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of design and manufacturing of Power presses. We are covering a wide range of Power presses . we are constantly in touch with our buyers to advise The most suitable model for their particular product. Our Machines are operational In all over india & in International Market. We are marketing all our machines under our popular brand name 'DOUBLE ELEPHANT' which stands for Durability, Excellent workmanship and Rigid Design.

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Two Point Pneumatic & Mechanical H- frame Power Press (100 tons - 600 tons), Mechanical & Pneumatic Pillar Type Power Presses (10 tons - 600 tons), High Speed Power Presses (20 tons - 250 tons), High Speed Pneumatic Power Press , Pillar Type Mechanical Power Presses, Two Point Pneumatic Pillar Type Press, C-Frame Pneumatic Power Press, High Speed C-type Pneumatic Power Press, Un- Geared High Speed Pneumatic Power Press (5 tons -100 tons), Inclinable Variable Speed Mechanical Power Presses (5 tons - 50 tons), Non Inclinable Geared Mechanical & Pneumatic Power Press (5 tons- 250 tons), Double Geared C-type Mechanical Power Press(10 tons - 250 tons), Cross Shaft Presses (25 tons - 315 tons), Knuckle Joint Cold Forging Presses ( 50 tons to 600 tons)

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