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‘Sagar’ is a well-known brand in Machine Tool sector in India. With over 10000 machines working allover. ‘SAGAR’ was founded by S. Atma Singh Sagar before independence. And after the independence of the country it was re-established in Ludhiana for the manufacturing of Planer and Plano Milling Machines. Sagar Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., an associate Company of Sagar Group was establishes in 70's headed by S. Amarjit Singh Sagar son of S. Atma Singh Sagar. 

Since its inception, the company has never looked back and is always heading towards fulfilling the customers requirement at its best with most sophisticated and innovated machines undertaken for production and TQM i.e. Total Quality Management, adopted at every level of management. SMT always stands for and is committed to Accuracy, Precision, Sustained Quality, Dependability and Economic Production. It is only through quality consciousness that the company's product and the 'SAGAR' brand name raged international fame. 

Sagar Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd supplies machinery to a variety of industries and we are currently certified in ISO-9001: 2008.

SMT believes that the quality represents the standards of the company's thoughts and implements. Quality means not only the quality of the product but also the quality of the worker, the internal and external environment, customers and so on.

Latest technology and infrastructure supports to maintain the quality standards as well as innovation possibilities.

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CNC Vertical Millers, Plano Millers, Planners & Machine Tools.

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