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1..  Frame is made from thick steel plates which are welded properly after proper planning of the edges on accurate planning machine. The frame is bored on an IMPORTED BORING MACHINE

2..   Crank shaft being the heart and soul of the machine manufactured from special alloy steel and is having large bearing surfaces for smooth running. Special GUN METAL bushes, finished to proper tolerances are provided for long life

3..   Back shaft is manufactured from special alloy steel and is fitted in gun metal bushes and bearing o ensure long and efficient service

4..   Flywheel is mechanically balanced and machined from all sides.

5..   Gear wheel and pinion are made from selected material keeping in view the power to be transmitted. Gear and pinion have helical teeth having involutes profile, cut accurately on HOBBING machine, to ensure noiseless and smooth running. The gear does not rotate directly on the crank shaft instead it rotates on gun metal rings provided for this purpose

6..   Ram is made from special cast iron with chemical ingredients to withstand solid backing for the dies. Both the bearing surfaces are hand scrapped for correct alignment

7..   Motor attachment and a motor pulley is supplied with each press

8..   Ejector equipment is also supplied if required by the customer

9..   Our workshop is equipped with an imported horizontal boring machine which ensures more accurate boring of the machine

10.. Gunmetal bushes are provided for the main shaft, back shaft and gear..

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Shearing Machines, C-Frame Power Press & Punching Machine, Pneumatic Clutch Press, Pillar Type Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press Double Eccentric

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