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Sunrise Mek Welders is a Ludhiana based organisation which manufactures various kinds of welding machines such as Arc Welding, MIG/MAG Welding Machines, Inverter Based MIG/MAG Weldng Machines, Inverter Based DC TIG/MMAW, Harning Scanner Machnes, HF Induction Hardning and Heating Machines, Spot Projection, Seam Welding, Flash Butt Welding Machnes etc.

Sunrise Welders is an ISO 9001:2008 Co.

At Sunrise they have highly qualified and expertise Engineers and Technicians and keep inventing new technologies and concepts to bring new products everytime. Sunrise is a renowned brand in the welding machines industry

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Welding Equipments, CO2/MIG Welders, Inverter Based Welding Rectifiers, Flash Butt Welders, Dual Head Seam Welders, Metal Gathering & Upsetting Machines, Inverter Based Pulse TIG Welders, Thyristorised Welding Rectifiers, Thyristorised Pulse TIG Welders, ARC Welding Transformers, Rocker ARM Type Spot Welders, Press Type Spot/Projection Welders, Seam Welding Machines, Upset Butt Welders.

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